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1>For e-catalogues, pls click "Download" and fill in ID number & Password. If you have no it, pls  send us e-mail for it. 2>Samples: We can supply you samples. Some samples are free of charge. As for the freight charges, normally on the customers' account. By the way, we can not only supply wide items we produced, but also organize the items as your need in China as buying office or parnters.

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Pls kindly send us the photos or data as your need by e-mail, we will quote you the same or similar products with best prices as we can. We will always do our best for Best One Stand Solution for our customers with more good items at the lowest prices promptly. Pls send us e-mail for prices or prices lists :  info@joebrite.com ,  sales@ceiecgroup.com   ,  38446266@qq.com  Thank you!
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