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Some data of the different kinds of the lamps     
  Life time of different lighting sources
Light Source Typical Lifetime Range (Hours)
Incandescent  Bulb 500-1,000/life time
ECO Halogen Lamp 1,000-2,000/life time
CFL Energy Saving Lamp 3,000-6,000/ life time
Metal Halide Lamp 5,000-10,000/ life time
Fluorescent Tube 5,000-8,000/ life time
LED lamp 10,000-30,000/ life time
Conventional lighting     LED  Lighting with advantages
Long lasting and low maintenance
Energy efficient
Dynamic (digitally) color control
Small (design flexibility)
Directed light (increased efficiency)
Robust and vibration proof
Turn on instantly
No IR and UV radiation in the beam
Cool beam of light
Low voltage
No mercury
Energy consumption
No Hazardous substances
Less weight
Recycling and disposal
Lifetime reliability

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