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Application Tips:
A60 LED bulbs can be used in widely applications from restaurants, hallways, patios to our residential use. Easy installation and directly replacement of traditional A60 bulb, integrated with high efficiency driver to provide long lasting and stable lighting source.

Product Descriptions:
• Materials: Plastic + Aluminum.
• Voltage: AC100-240V~50/60Hz .
• Color Temperature: Warm White: 2700-3300K; Nature White: 4000-4500K; Cool White: 6000-7000K.
• Warranty: 2/3 years.

Product Name Product Model Base Operating Voltage(v) Power Consumption(w) CCT(k) Luminous Flux(LM) CRI Dimension(mm) Life Span(h) Beam Angle(°) Dimmability
A60-3W-SMD-03 CLSA6/009-WW-V-3-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=E 3W 3000k 230 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/009-NW-V-3-B-X E=220~240 4000k 250
CLSA6/009-CW-V-3-B-X   6000k 260
A60-5W-SMD-04 CLSA6/010-WW-V-5-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V= E 5W 3000k 410 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/010-NW-V-5-B-X E=220~240 4000k 420
CLSA6/010-CW-V-5-B-X   6000k 430
A60-5W-SMD-05 CLSA6/011-WW-V-5-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=A / E 5W 3000k 420 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/011-NW-V-5-B-X E=220~240 4000k 430
CLSA6/011-CW-V-5-B-X   6000k 440
A60-6W-SMD-01 CLSA6/012-WW-V-6-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=A / E 6W 3000k 520 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/012-NW-V-6-B-X A=100~120 4000k 530
CLSA6/012-CW-V-6-B-X E=220~240 6000k 550
A60-8W-SMD-02 CLSA6/013-WW-V-8-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=A / E 8W 3000k 760 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/013-NW-V-8-B-X E=220~240 4000k 780
CLSA6/013-CW-V-8-B-X   6000k 800
A60-10W-SMD-02 CLSA6/014-WW-V-10-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=E 10W 3000k 920 ≥70 ¢60*114 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSA6/014-NW-V-10-B-X E=220~240 4000k 930
CLSA6/014-CW-V-10-B-X   6000k 950
Packing Details: Inner Package: White Box         Inner Box Size: 70*70*120mm       Carton Size: 685*355*285mm       QTY/CTN: 100PCS        N.W./CTN: 11KGS        G.W./CTN: 12.5KGS
Notice: The Red Letters V,B &X mean that the Operating Voltage , Beam Angle and Base can be optional or changeable, please choose the information you need.

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