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Application Tips:
LED Panel light series is an ideal energy-saving application for office and shop lighting. Comparing to the traditional fluorescent grid fixture.LED panel light creates uniform lighting effect without glare and flick. Depends on the customer, LED panel light can be embeded installing into the ceiling or surface installed on the ceiling. Ideal for general lighting in offices, corridors, shops, metro stations and etc.

Product Descriptions:
• Materials: Aluminum Alloy and PMMA.
• Appearance: White and silver.
• Power supply: With power supply.
• Operating Voltage & Voltage Frequency: 85~265V, 50/60Hz.
• Power Consumption & LED Source: 3W: 2835 SMD led; 9/12/15W: 5630 SMD led.
• CCT: Warm White: 2700-3000K; Nature White: 4000-4500K; Cool White: 5500-6500K.
• Size: 3W:75x75x30mm;9W:105x105x30mm;12W:156x156x30mm;15W:180x180x30mm.
• Beam Angle: 120 degree.
• Warranty: 3 years.
Integrated driver, easy to re-wire and maintenance.
Free of mercury and hazardous materials.
Lower maintenance costs.
Short payback period.
Super long lifespan and high lumen maintenance.

 The following chart of the product's detailed information for your view:
Product Name Product Model Operating Voltage(v) Power Consumption(w) CCT(k) Luminous Flux(LM) CRI Dimension(mm) Cut-off(mm) Life Span(h) Beam Angle(°) Dimmability
RS62-3W CLFIJ/002-WW-V-3-B V=W 3W 3000k 230 ≥80 75*75*30 62*62 >30000 B=120 NO
CLFIJ/002-NW-V-3-B W=85~265 4000k 235
CLFIJ/002-CW-V-3-B   6000k 240  
RS89-9W CLFIJ/002-WW-V-9-B V=W 9W 3000k 440 ≥80 105*105*30 89*89 >30000 B=120 NO
CLFIJ/002-NW-V-9-B W=85~265 4000k 450
CLFIJ/002-CW-V-9-B   6000k 455  
RS132-12W CLFIJ/002-WW-V-12-B V=W 12W 3000k 750 ≥80 156*156*30 132*132 >30000 B=120 NO
CLFIJ/002-NW-V-12-B W=85~265 4000k 765
CLFIJ/002-CW-V-12-B   6000k 780  
RS156-15W CLFIJ/002-WW-V-15-B V=W 15W 3000k 950 ≥80 180*180*30 156*156 >30000 B=120 NO
CLFIJ/002-NW-V-15-B W=85~265 4000k 1000
CLFIJ/002-CW-V-15-B   6000k 1100  
Packing Details: Inner Package: White Box       
Notice: The Red Letters V B mean that the Operating Voltage and Beam Angle can be optional or changeable, please choose the information you need.
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