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C37-SMD-05 C37-SMD-05
Application Tips:
Champion Shine recommends this product for crystal chandeliers, pendant lamps or replacing original incandescent lamps, to achieve the effect of energy saving and beauty. Also it can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, churches and so on.

Product Descriptions:
• Materials: Ceramic shell, opal glass cover.
• Base: E14, E27, B22 available.
• Operating Voltage & Voltage Frequency: AC 220-240V; 50/60Hz.
• Power Consumption & LED Source: 1.7/2.2/2.7/3.5W, SMD3014 leds.
• CCT: Warm White: 2700-3300K; Nature White: 4000-4500K; Cool White: 6000-7000K.
• Beam Angle: 180 degree.
• Warranty: 3 years.

Product Name Product Model Base Operating Voltage(v) Power Consumption(w) CCT(k) Luminous Flux(LM) CRI Dimension(mm) Life Span(h) Beam Angle(°) Dimmability
C37-1.7W-SMD-05 CLSCD/013-WW-V-1.7-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=E 1.7W 3000k 100 ≥70 ¢37.5*100 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSCD/013-NW-V-1.7-B-X E=220~240 4000k 110
CLSCD/013-CW-V-1.7-B-X   6000k 120
C37-2.2W-SMD-05 CLSCD/014-WW-V-2.2-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V= E 2.2W 3000k 150 ≥70 ¢37.5*100 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSCD/014-NW-V-2.2-B-X E=220~240 4000k 170
CLSCD/014-CW-V-2.2-B-X   6000k 180
C37-2.7W-SMD-05 CLSCD/015-WW-V-2.7-B-X X=E14/E27/B22 V=A / E 2.7W 3000k 220 ≥70 ¢37.5*100 >30000 B=180 NO
CLSCD/015-NW-V-2.7-B-X E=220~240 4000k 230